Q. How can I make sure that the internship supervisor provides my students with proper documentation of their internships?

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by the Intern Coach

A. Your interns are most fortunate to have a Career Center staff that wants to make sure they receive proper documentation for their hard work at their internships. Such tangible proof of performance will strengthen their resumes and provide additional material for their portfolios. Here’s how to ensure that internship supervisors provide your students with proper documentation:

  • Make sure that the intern supervisor fills out the final evaluation form. If you feel that the form is not detailed enough or structured properly to provide positive feedback, you might want to revise the form. Each student intern should receive a copy of that final evaluation form. If the intern supervisor has written weekly evaluations that are positive, you could also make copies of those evaluations and present them to your student intern as tools to get future internships or jobs.
  • If the intern has performed well, the intern supervisor should also write a letter of recommendation on company letterhead, complimenting the student on his/her work. You might consider writing a letter of recommendation on Career Center letterhead, too, stating that he/she brought honor to the school etc. Some schools present Certificates of Achievement to students after they finish internships.
  • Find out if your intern has been part of a team and explore the option of having the team leader (unless he/she is also the intern supervisor) write a recommendation for your student intern. There may be other company employees that could also write a recommendation. For example, if your student intern volunteered to work on a company-sponsored community project, the coordinator might write a letter of recommendation for outstanding service.
  • Ask your interns if they have copies of everything on which they have worked. In some cases, they might have contributed to reports or documents that won’t appear until after the internship, so advise them to request that finished samples be forwarded to them. Your student interns might want to collect copies of the company annual report or official documents that demonstrate the status of the company if it is not well known.   
  • Offer to help your student interns collate their internship materials into a professional presentation. You might provide a handsome school binder and have someone in the Career Center help organize the binder for your student intern. Then, your student interns will be well prepared to impress future internship supervisors or employers with proper documentation of past successes.

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