Q. How will I ever find enough internships for all our college students who realize the value of the experience and want more than one?

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by the Intern Coach

A. You’ve asked a very legitimate question. Your career center is probably receiving more and more requests for internships. And the competition is fierce as high school students, unemployed or underemployed graduates, undergraduate and graduate students all battle over the same internships. Here are a few ideas on how to stay ahead of the requests:

  • Use interns in your own office to handle some of the basic work, freeing you up to go out and actively pursue new internships. Carefully research all the offices on campus for new internship placements.
  • Develop a marketing plan with career center staff to advertise your internship program, targeting specific markets to cultivate new internships and strengthen existing ones. Be sure to include your alumni as an excellent resource for internships.
  • Utilize your school website to stimulate new internship sites, network with current internship sites, and encourage companies to contact you for interns. You may want to join new professional groups that interact with companies, searching for new internship opportunities.
  • Organize an Internship Fair at least twice a year, inviting lots of companies to attend and meet your students—their potential interns. Offer incentives to companies, such as pre-trained interns to fit specific needs or on-site counseling if necessary.
  • Create virtual internships for your students, permitting them to sample different fields while still going to classes or working. The most common ones are in IT, software development, research, sales, marketing, and social media.
  • Explore international internships, coordinating with your overseas campus or partnering with another college to set up internships that introduce your students to the global market.  

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