Take time to wrap up each internship at every company

August 16, 2010 at 2:22 pm | Posted in Internship wrap-up | Leave a comment

When a student completes an internship, your work isn’t over, especially if you hope to keep placing interns at that site. Companies really appreciate your follow up regarding their interns because they realize that you’re actively involved, and they can count on you for support in the future. If possible, try to do the wrap up session in person. If your budget allows, you could offer to take the intern supervisor to lunch as a way to say thank you.

Another way to express your appreciation is to present the internship supervisor with a Certificate of Appreciation from your school. A framed certificate is good because it can be hung up immediately. You could also say thank you by giving the person a school mug or school pen.

Although the intern supervisor may have already filled out an intern assessment or evaluation form, you might want to design your own form, asking questions that might help you improve your successful placements in the future. To make it easy for the intern supervisor, create questions with multiple answers, facilitating a quick check mark. This survey could be done online for efficiency. If you mail it, do include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

After you receive the survey back from the intern supervisor, review it and write a response, expressing your thanks and willingness to make the changes that were suggested. If the intern supervisor has been having problems with interns, devise solutions and keep him/her updated on your progress. Ask the internship supervisor if he/she would like help in making any changes in the program and then follow up on any requests. For example, you might want to introduce virtual internships into the program, so you could place more student interns with the company. Use your wrap up time to improve your program as well as each company’s.

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