Explore internship sites for Fall possibilities

August 19, 2010 at 2:22 pm | Posted in Enlarging internship programs | Leave a comment

You probably have most of your usual Fall internships assigned by now with your established internship sites, but these companies are also fertile ground for additional internships. The company already knows and trusts you; you have developed a long-term relationship. Your best game plan is to design new internships that will “fit” into the company and then present the enlarged internship program to the internship supervisor. Explore areas of the company that aren’t using interns for a source of new intern positions. The more work that you can do to save the company time and effort, the more successful your proposed internship plan will be.

Offer some new incentives to your internship sites to encourage them to accept more interns. These could include additional pre-internship training and more monitoring by you. Perhaps your students could acquire new skills on campus in preparation to work on company computers before they arrive, reducing training time by company staff. After you have your proposal prepared, make an appointment in person if possible and present your plan for more interns to the company personnel.

Another excellent way to create additional internships is through remote or virtual internships. These work well for projects or for research that can be done by a self-motivated intern without supervision. More and more students want to work from computers in their dorm rooms, so you’ll have lots of applicants for the virtual intern slots. It’s up to you to convince the companies that they would benefit, too.  You might want to design the virtual program, including length, hours, report system, and suggested projects.  Then, ask the company if you can do a presentation to the staff.  Consider, too, if a company has other locations or subsidiaries that might be open to either new regular or virtual internships for the Fall.

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