Counseling busy students

September 7, 2010 at 4:28 am | Posted in Advising interns, Preparing interns | Leave a comment

Your students are balancing their internships along with classes, school activities, and sometimes even jobs. You can help your busy interns by recommending ways to juggle their overloaded schedules, ensuring their success in every area.

First, create a semester calendar for every intern and ask each one to customize the calendar, filling in fixed dates, such as class times and holidays. Since classes are their top priority, suggest that they determine how much study time is required for each class and add that to their calendar. They should leave room for study groups or special assignments. Next, request that the students fill in the hours required for their internship. If applicable, they should add transportation time to and from the internship, calculating the total internship hours.

If the students have jobs that help pay their tuition, they’ll have to enter them into their calendar, too. A paid internship may help them cut back on job hours. Remind your busy students that the one area they can control is activities. Unless they’re on a scholarship for athletics, they can probably put activities as a low priority for one semester, selecting only what will fit into their already crammed calendar.

Student interns could also increase their available time in their schedules by reducing nonessential items, such as limiting the minutes spent socializing on cell phones or browsing on the Internet. And they could cut out going shopping, stopping for a cup of coffee, or watching a movie. To make these suggestions more attractive to your students, consider proposing that they save these routine activities as a reward for keeping to their revised schedules.  Finally, recommend that your students arrange their schedules according to their energy levels, planning a heavier daily schedule when their energy is at peak levels, maximizing their input and utilizing their time in the most productive way possible.

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