Working out manageable schedules for both interns and supervisors

September 16, 2010 at 5:39 pm | Posted in Advising interns, Time Management Skills | Leave a comment

Your students are happy to be back in school, but they may be feeling overwhelmed when they look at their busy schedules—packed with classes, activities, and an internship. It’s the perfect time for them to evaluate their priorities and maintain manageable schedules with their intern supervisors. And your reputation is at stake, too, since you are responsible to the supervisors for your students’ performance.

You can support student efforts by providing them with a semester calendar and directions to fill in important dates such as class times and holidays. Classes are their top priority, so they should calculate how much study time is required for each class, and add that to the calendar. Next, ask them to fill in the hours required for their internship. They’ve probably already worked out their internship schedule to be compatible with class requirements. Let them know it would not be helpful to their future careers to keep changing the internship hours.

The one area that students can control is activities. Unless they’re on scholarship for athletics, they can probably put activities at the bottom of their list for one semester.  If necessary, suggest that your students delete activities and concentrate on their internships.

If students and supervisors are having problems in managing a timetable that is satisfactory for both, you might recommend a few alternatives. Could the internship hours be changed to fewer days with longer hours or to include weekends or extended for a longer period to fulfill the number of total hours required? Could the student perform some of the work virtually or remotely from his/her dorm room via the computer? Could a student reschedule a class for another semester to accommodate the internship hours? Your role here is as a mediator, ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the results.

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