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As a career services professional, you have a new resource to help you network with others who share your interests in career development. This new Answers community on Internships.com consists of student, educator, and employer-submitted questions and answers about the internship search. What you’ll see on the site is a lively dialogue and an useful archive of information and professional guidance. Not only does this provide the opportunity to instantly “meet” other students, employers, and educators, you’ll also gain new insights as you view the career world from different perspectives.

Questions can be directed to the following topics:  SearchingApplyingPreparing / General / After the Internship /Internships.comOn the JobInterviewing. Additional categories include Related Questions and Most Active Questions as well as Latest, Popular, and Unanswered. The pace is quick, as questions are often answered in the same day. The answers are short, so you’ll be able to access information quickly.

As an example, here’s a recent question:  “If my supervisor isn’t giving me enough work, how do I ask for more?” One of the answers was, “Tell your supervisor that you feel comfortable so far and you’re willing to take on additional tasks if necessary. Don’t be overly aggressive, and don’t belittle any of the work your coworkers are doing in the process.” Pretty good, right?

It’s easy to join this community. If you have an account, just click on the purple tab in the top right to see what the topic du jour is. If you don’t have an account, just go to the purple Answers tab on Internships.com and click on “Sign Up Now”. Select “Educators Sign Up Here” and create an account and a password. Within minutes, you’ve got access to the largest and most diverse internship forum in the world–without ever leaving your office!


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