Directing students to Fashion internships

February 1, 2011 at 3:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

A fashion major has many options, ranging from retail to design to administration. When your students have narrowed down their interests, you can direct them to Web sites, organizations, and publications that update the job outlook and trends, leading them to the best internships.

  • Job outlook:  NACE’s Job Outlook 2011 shows that for the Class of 2011 the job market is off to a positive start. Employers responding to the NACE Job Outlook 2011 Fall Preview survey reported plans to hire 13.5 percent more new bachelor’s graduates from the Class of 2011 than they did from the Class of 2010. When asked to describe the overall job market for Class of 2011 bachelor’s degree graduates, the largest group—almost half of employers— characterized it as “good.” In comparison, last year, the largest group saw the job market as just “fair.”
  • Stylesight: A leading provider of trend content, tools and technology for creative professionals in the fashion and style industries, Stylesight streamlines the creative design and product development processes through effective tools and exacting editorial insight that can’t be accessed anywhere else. Stylesight is headquartered in New York with a Forecasting Atelier in Paris and satellite offices in the style capitals of the world. The company’s network of accomplished industry insiders are virtuosos of fashion design, trend analysis, forecasting, reporting, merchandising and apparel manufacturing.
  • Eco Fashion:  A recent Education Life section in The New York Times featured fashion students from Sarah Lawrence, Stanford, Cornell, and Portland who were exploring alternative fabrics, such as bamboo and hemp as well as a disposable coat. Other students were involved in sustainable or repurposing old clothing into designs. Though the rage for vintage clothing continues to grow as a fashion statement, it also is part of the movement to convert vintage clothing into new ensembles. More and more consumers are buying second-hand clothing, focusing fashion careers on this retail market.
  • #1 in Trends:   Trendzine is a fashion information service that offers effective and highly accurate trend predictions to the fashion, style and related industries. Reports are creative, inspiring and highly focused on product. Fashion intelligence and industry experience shape the reports, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of current and future fashion trends. The service has launched an educational version, enabling students and teachers to access the full service at a reduced rate.
  • Internships: was created after a seasoned Fashion intern decided that top-tier Fashion internship listings should be available to everyone. Using online resources, a blog was launched to open up the world of fashion to anyone who has a desire to work in the industry. The site has listings that range from couture to action sports, design to public relations. Direct your students to, too, to access over 200 fashion internships.

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  1. Great photos, they really serve to illustrate your points well. It just goes to show that fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Whilst I liked certain aspects on the design, some I would not wear.

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