March Madness for your career

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Joyce Domijan: sports fan and career expert

What does March Madness mean to you? For some it’s simply the start of the traditional NCAA basketball tournament with all the fanfare and intense rivalries. For others it’s the harbinger of all things “spring break related” (woo-woo!), like white sand beaches, parties, beach volleyball, dancing in the streets, etc.

For the focused and motivated students, it’s when the traditional internships season begins in earnest. So make sure to market the season to all your students who wish to beat their internship competitors for the prized placements (while watching their teams win in the tournament).

Here are some tips to convey to your students to make this a successful internship season:

Make sure to begin your search early, at least 2-4 months in advance of your expected start date

Arrange to meet with your Career Services Office to prepare for and plan your search

Remember to check with faculty or an internship coordinator to help with preparations/course credit

Create or update your presentation materials like resumes and cover letters and proof carefully

Hold mock interviews with friends and family to help prepare to present your qualifications

Market yourself through informational interviews and learn about potential companies and positions

Attend the meetings of related professional organizations to make contacts and learn about opportunities

Develop a list of target internships or companies in your functional area or industry

Network with your contacts to develop leads to potential internships at target companies

Excel in the search process by using to prepare for, manage and search out internships

Set realistic goals for your search and follow up on all opportunities regularly by phone or email

Share your success with your Career Services office or Internship coordinator

If your students follow the March Madness tips, they should be well on their way to securing that prized internship!

Joyce is a big sports fan and an expert career coach…rumor has it she has a foam finger with “assessment” on it. Read more about Joyce and our career bloggers on the Our Bloggers tab.

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