How does your school compare to others in internship survey?

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Susan Sandberg

The newly released U.S. News survey identifies the 10 universities producing the highest percentage of interns among their undergraduate students. Of the 692 schools that provided internship data to U.S. News, 36.8% of 2009 graduates took part in an internship at some point during their studies, on average. Key points in the survey are:

  • The average is lower—32.8%—among the 81 national universities that provided the data to U.S. News. There are some large universities that stand out, however. Highly ranked schools like the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University claim to have 90% and 75% of students completing internships before graduating, respectively.
  • The University of Pittsburgh, a public university that awarded more than 3,800 bachelor’s degrees in the 2008-09 academic year, reported that 72% of those students worked as interns before graduating. Numerous liberal arts colleges require all students to partake in at least one internship before graduating, so only national universities were considered for this list. Of the national universities surveyed, 178 did not offer internship statistics and were not in the analysis.
  • The top 10 national universities with the highest percentage of 2009 graduates who worked as interns at some point during their studies are University of Pennsylvania, 90%; Colorado School of Mines, 84%; American University, 81%; Seton Hall University, 76%; Duke University, 75%; Fordham University, 75%; University of Pittsburgh, 72%; George Washington University, 68%; Johns Hopkins University, 66%; and Florida Institute of Technology, 65%.
  • Don’t see your school in the top 10? Access the U.S. News College Compass to find internship data, complete rankings, and more.
  • says, “The missing ingredients from the report, though, are an X factor — hustle on the part of students — and a $ factor — whether or not the internships pay.” The article points out that 8 of U.S. News’ top 10 internship-producing universities are private. By definition, that makes them more expensive than public universities. The writer asks if financial demographics that open up many students’ choice of colleges also seem to open up internship doors. To read more, click here.
  •, the world’s largest internship market, now offers a record high of over 46,000 internship opportunities in over 17,000 companies, in over 2,000 cities. Encourage your students to search the site for their next internship. Not only will your students benefit, but your school will increase its percentage of students who graduate with internship experience.

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