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Jyl McLaughlin

It’s Spring Break and you may be visiting with many students who are excited and want to share their beach plans with you. As they leave your office, you might find yourself wishing for the same youthful flexibility and excitement of days gone by.  Maybe a quick look into a travel website and checking out All Inclusive weekend deals for last minute getaways will help!?  Unfortunately, the daydreaming will be short-lived…there is still work to be done.  Sun-kissed students will soon return and you know they will be facing the Spring Semester rush and anticipation that summer is near.  In turn, students may be dreaming of those exciting, thrilling internships or summer jobs that have it “all” – as in “All Inclusive paid, housing, location, opportunity”.

There are many opportunities that students can research that provide pay, housing and exciting locations. More often than not, those options are in populated areas such as Boston, New York, Los Angeles or even Silicon Valley and overseas.  I often talk of fun, creative or popular companies and jobs as “sexy” versus “the 9-5”.  If you have students that wish for such an experience, let’s consider some resources and current stories for brainstorming ideas:

1) Their “Eye of the Intern” blog presents regular stories of successful interns in a variety of locations. A recent post came from a journalism student writing about her Communications Internship at Elle in downtown San Diego.  These blogs offer an opportunity for students to post questions and receive responses from fellow students about internship do’s and don’ts.

2) Apple: I often hear from clients/students that they are “gadget maniacs” and this interest can be a keyhole into career decision making to target companies of interest like Apple. Their Corporate jobs page says “Don’t Expect Business as Usual” – now that sounds like code for FUN! At the time of this post there are 42 internships posted for Apple which defines “interns as an important part of the team.”

3) USA!: What about one of the largest employer in the country?  Students can browse opportunities at which can provide experiences across the country, in all occupational categories.  Internships with the Federal Government could lead to permanent work after graduation but also varying perks such as housing and pay, some at the Smithsonian Institute.

4) Disney:  Do you have students interested in travel and tourism? Disney offers structured internship experiences for students in various majors.  Be sure to visit for internship and experiential opportunities.  Representatives travel regularly to campus, find out if one is near you to present to students!

5) Be sure to check out the long list of Internship and Study Abroad resources on the Riley Guide:

These are just a few ideas for you to share with your students. There are many exciting opportunities out there that will help your students find that “all inclusive”, fun experience, as well as give them the chance to learn more about their strengths to help clarify future career paths.

Bon Voyage!

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