Evaluating a student’s internship performance

June 28, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Intern Support | 1 Comment

Susan Sandberg

Your students are busy at their summer internships, and you may hear little from them. However, it’s important to find out if they’re experiencing any difficulties, so you can offer tips for improvement while it’s still fairly early in their internships. Here are several tips to help you track your interns’ performance:

  • Weekly reports:  If you’re already receiving a daily or weekly journal report from the intern, you can assess your student’s performance by reviewing that document. However, if your center, like many others, only requires an end-of-internship report, then you might want to schedule a weekly email exchange to ensure that you are able to assess a student’s performance and offer tips on improvement in a timely manner. Compare the student’s reports, whether online or in a journal, with the description of the internship provided by the company. The two should be fairly close matches. If you note discrepancies, you might have to sort out a problem or find out if company expectations have changed.
  • Performance surveys:  Develop a brief survey based on performance questions and send appropriate versions to both the student and the intern supervisor. Review the answers to discover any performance issues and follow up with helpful tips to the respondents. A survey can be a comfortable, non-threatening way to reveal problems, avoiding face-to-face confrontation. If the survey raises questions, follow the survey up with a phone call to the internship supervisor, inquiring as to how your student could add more value to the company. Then, communicate your findings to your student.
  • Communication:  Plan an on-site visit if geographically possible. Your visit demonstrates your sincere interest in your student’s success and in the company’s satisfaction with the intern. Arrange a meeting with the student and supervisor, so you can evaluate their interactions. If you find dissatisfaction on either side, you may be able to decide if it is based on personal conflict rather than professional issues. If an on-site visit is not practical, you might want to make sure the student intern and the supervisor have your phone number, where they can reach you easily. You may even have a designated email address for your interns and supervisors, emphasizing the importance of their communications and creating a comfort zone for everyone.

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  1. With the onset of graduation, a student begins to seek practical exposure, out of the cocoon. He looks for ways to enhance his nexus i.e. to move out & interact With various people to understand different market sectors.
    With the onset of graduation, a student begins to seek practical exposure, out of the cocoon. He looks for ways to enhance his nexus i.e. to move out & interact With various people to understand different market sectors. Where, along with graduation, exposure through internship is an added advantage, educational institutions often fail to offer this. But an innovative platform like youth 4 work strives to bridge this gap by devising a strategy to bring together, company & college students with an interface.
    Oblivious to such accessible initiatives, a keen student constantly faces the challenge of standing out of the crowd since correct kind of station to exploit his talent is not available. Besides, a mundane education pattern rusts the mind. Also, students seek to build confidence, get experience; but “FROM WHERE?”
    When I came across y4w, it felt like finding an oasis in the desert. Amid my graduation, i found an opportunity to work with an enterprise like y4w where enthusiastic students like to come & find themselves an avenue, a direction to working projects for various corporate undertakings/companies. Y4W is a reliable & apt source of work, experience, knowledge, exposure & income/pocket money! While working a project with Y4W was a rapturous & learning experience, adding to my delight & surprise was a fair cash prize along with appreciation. When my work assured me appreciation simultaneously, Y4W ensured my prize money.
    By creating a link between college students & corporate sector, Y4W rightly stands by its name & serves the students in the most desirable way by giving them the requisite environment to work & grow with every nugget of work.

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