Taking advantage of international internships

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Coach Susan Sandberg

Susan Sandberg

American campuses are desirable places, according to the cover story in the Education section of a recent New York Times, especially to the Chinese. The number of Chinese undergraduates in the U.S. has tripled in the past three years to 40,000.  One Chinese student chose to attend the University of Delaware 7,000 miles from home.  Meanwhile, more and more American students are leaving campus and heading to foreign countries for internships. Why not utilize the offerings at your campus to find internships abroad for your students?

Here’s how some campuses are helping American students go 7,000 miles from home for global opportunities:

  • University of Missouri:   Highlights for China Internships Summer 2012 include work in a Chinese or international company. Live and work in dynamic and exciting Chinese cities (Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Chongqing). Possibility to earn one-to-three credit hours from your internship. Open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • Dartmouth:  Since 2005, eight of the 21 Dartmouth alumni who interned at the American University in Kuwait (AUK) through the Dartmouth College-American University of Kuwait Project have received national fellowships and post-graduate scholarships to study Arab culture, media and linguistics in North Africa and the Middle East. Internships at AUK are 10 weeks long and are offered during Fall and Spring terms.
  • Syracuse University Florence (SUF) Founded in 1959 and one of the oldest study abroad programs in Italy, SUF has been consistently ranked as one of the best American study abroad programs, providing distinguished academic curricula, combined with an outstanding support for cultural immersion. The SUF faculty members are internationally renowned scholars, and the staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s students and helping them immerse themselves in the Italian culture.
  • Lehigh University:  The Lee Iacocca International Internship program offers individual corporate, non-profit, and civic internships. Expenses paid, including travel, accommodations, and stipend for meals in-country. Examples of Summer 2012 internships are Pestana Hotels & Resorts, Portugal – Marketing & Tourism;  Bracalente Manufacturing Group, China – Project Engineer Intern; VIVA Group, India – Construction Process Analyst Intern; Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation, Kazakhstan – Alumni Program Intern.
  • Internships.com:  Recommend that your students go to Internships.com and browse through hundreds of international internships. The site also gives helpful information to students, such as long- and short-term benefits, language requirements, resources, and help with applications. The deadlines for international Summer 2012 internships are fast approaching, so explore new global opportunities with your students.

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