Keeping up with your colleagues on other campuses

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Coach Susan Sandberg

Susan Sandberg

Your colleagues in the career services industry are working as hard as you are to keep up with the new trends in internships. offers educator resources to help you. Register as a basic member for free to receive and send a monthly newsletter to students about industry tips. Or join as an Affiliate University and get exclusive internship postings for your students, statistics on your students, a dedicated client care team, and industry reports on trends.

Here’s what some of your colleagues are doing on other campuses:

  • University of Pennsylvania:  Rosette Pyne, a Senior Associate Director at Career Services, feels the trend of technology companies to offer attractive career prospects to students has impacted the opportunities available to Penn students. “We have definitely seen a significant increase in internship offers,” she said, adding that more technology positions have been offered across a variety of sectors. According to Career Services’ most recent Survey Reports, 88 Penn graduates from the Class of 2009 and 2010 reported starting technology jobs in 2010, 30 more than the year before. Pyne said competition among firms to capture the best talent may be motivating them to offer more internships.  Pyne believes the upsurge in start-ups is fuelling growth in the technology field. “It started a couple of years ago,” she said, “when we found a venture capital company coming to campus for the first time with its portfolio of [start-up] companies.” At Penn, recruitment from start-ups has become increasingly common.
  • Iowa State:  Mike Gaul, director of the CALS Career Services, said 105 companies and organizations have signed up to attend the career fair this spring. “It’s probably up 20 from the previous record,” Gaul said, adding that15 new companies have signed up to attend the career fair this spring. He explained that most of those companies are natural resources-related. Although this year’s spring career fair is up from previous years, the spring career fair is smaller than the fall career fair. Gaul said the trend in recruitment is changing to companies hiring most interns and employees in the fall. “Most companies are done hiring by Christmas,” Gaul said. However, Gaul has noticed that many companies are beginning to hire for summer 2013. “There are some companies planting the seed for summer 2013,” Gaul said. “But, it’s a very small trend.” In addition to fewer companies and organizations going to spring career fairs, fewer students also attend the spring career fairs, too.
  • Michigan State University:  Since WKAR-TV and radio, part of MSU Broadcasting Services, merged with the College of Communication Arts and Sciences in July 2011, 10 courses have been added to the College this year. The courses range in topics from sports radio to sales communication, and many of the new classes provide students with more internship opportunities and jobs through WKAR-TV and radio, journalism professor Bob Gould said. “WKAR is in need of content, and they have the opportunity to train students through real-world scenarios.” The College of Communication Arts and Sciences has been looking for ways to get students involved with broadcast journalism earlier in their degree, he said. According to Michigan Association of Broadcasters President and CEO Carole White, real-world experience can be beneficial to student journalists and makes them more likely to get a job when they graduate.
  • Idaho State University: As budgets are cut, some of the first items to go are student jobs. The solution to this is called Career Path Internships (CPI). ISU President Dr. Arthur Vailas and Vice President for Finance and Administration Dr. James Fletcher came up with the program to help students cope with rising costs in spite of a decline in employment opportunities. “This is unique in terms of what is happening at other universities,” said Fletcher. CPI offers students paid internships in the field in which they are currently pursuing degrees in. The funding comes from institutional funds that were apportioned specifically for it when the budget was drawn up for the fiscal year. “The students are placed in meaningful work experiences related to their career ambitions on campus,” said Troy Kase, director of the ISU Career Center. According to recent numbers reported by CPI Coordinator Linda Davis, there are currently 305 to 310 students doing CPIs right now.

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