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Coach Susan Sandberg

Susan Sandberg

You know your students are doing a fantastic job at their internships, and you and your colleagues are consistently improving your school’s internship program, but why not let everyone else know it too? Blogging is the answer. It’s inexpensive, timely, and believable because it’s done by a real person who bonds with the reader. Encourage your students to do blogs as one way of summarizing their internship experiences or you might do a blog yourself on what’s new in your Career Services department. The following excerpts from student and university blogs may inspire you:

  • What I Learned From My Internship at a Y Combinator Startup
    BostInno (blog). I recently finished an internship at an awesome Y Combinator/500 Startups company called Flightfox. Putting it in perspective: it has taught me more in 2 months than I did throughout the whole school year. Here are few things that I learned.  Empathy:  Fast forward to my internship, Flightfox founders Todd and Lauren both were empathetic. Work hard: The founders were working hard and very focused. Drool over metrics: In the apartment that we worked out of, we had put white boards all over our work area. Trust your employees: One of my biggest experiments was to show the founders that social media can create buzz for the company as well as bring in conversions. Be Transparent: At an early stage startup, there are very few people on the team so there is no reason for the whole team to not know all about the company. Talk to customers: This is one of the biggest parts of starting a company. Learn from mistakes: As a startup, you are always experimenting and due to this you are bound to make decisions that are not always successful.
  • CALS internships: Six of seven continents isn’t bad – eCALS – News 
    By rdmitche. We don’t know of any CALS student with an internship in Antarctica at the moment, but we’ve got the other six continents covered. We know this because a lot of our students are posting photos and descriptions of their experiences on the CALS Career Services Facebook page. Among them is Kate Mansfield, a senior double-majoring in Biology and Life Sciences Communication who is interning with New Seed International, a non-governmental organization that runs a school, health clinic and orphanage in Volta, Ghana for women and children with HIV/AIDS. Kate’s role is to develop a health and wellness program, while also working to improve the compound’s poultry farm and school garden. Posted in: Around CALSTeaching & Advising
  • Tulane University – Insider: Students opt for public service internships
    By Fran Simon. More than 100 students are serving the community through the Center for Public Service’s internship program. A summer job at a burger joint may benefit a student-sized budget, but internships offered through the Tulane Center for Public Service offer a whole lot more. Nick Solari, senior program coordinator for internships, says that students are catching on to the benefits of working for one of the center’s community partners. More than 100 students are participating in the public service internship program this summer through positions with local community and governmental organizations, hospitals and nonprofits.  A few students took on out-of-state jobs in cities such as New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. “Like in any internship program, students have the opportunity to explore potential career paths, enhance their professional networks, build new skills and boost their resumes,” says Solari.
  • Eye of the Intern blog on  Melissa DiVietri (@missydi) is a Senior at Ferris State University, majoring in New Media/Printing Management.  Read more on her blog. I have always considered myself as a dedicated individual who goes the extra mile for every accomplishment. I am a bubble of smiles, eager to learn new things and always prepared for every obstacle placed in my pathway. I began my search for my summer internship in November 2011. I made an ‘internship board,’ which included all the companies I applied, the job description and sticky notes on responses from human resource departments. I would follow-up with companies every 3-4 weeks on job opportunities. After months of searching, I got a break with the help of networking within my connections. I received a phone interview for a Digital Media position at The Garage / Team Mazda in Southern California. After my offer letter came in the mail, I had less than a few weeks to find housing, book a plane ticket and make a lifestyle that was halfway across the country work for me.

Publicizing your students’ achievements in their summer internships

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Don’t be modest about your students’ achievements in their summer internships. Your colleagues at other colleges aren’t.  Since internships are the hot buzz word in the national media, you can capture some positive press for your school and help raise your brand awareness for the next round of internships fast-approaching in the fall.

The following excerpts illustrate how some career service offices are effectively promoting their image and their students:

  • Texas Christian University:  One TCU sophomore is doing more than making copies and answering phones at her summer internship. Strategic communication major Casey Walker spoke with various celebrities about products and clients, took pictures and made conversation all Sunday night at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, CA. Walker is spending her summer interning with both Pivotal PR and Ralina Shaw PR in L.A. Walker said she researched different PR firms in California and interviewed with Michael Gerbin of Pivotal. After beginning her job with Gerbin, Walker said she overheard him talking about a friend in desperate need of an intern. Walker then volunteered for the part and took on two summer internships in the city. “I’m so blessed to have this opportunity so early on in my career,” Walker said. “It’s so beneficial to get the internship experience while still in school.” Although working in the gifting suite during the award show prevented Walker from being able to watch the show, she did have some memorable moments of her own. “I didn’t get to see what I was hoping to see,” Walker said. “No experience is a bad experience, even if it doesn’t quite live up to my expectations.” Walker said she had the opportunity to talk to a castmate from the MTV show “Awkward” and his girlfriend. The three even made plans to reconnect in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and to even catch a TCU sporting event, Walker said.
  • Gustavus Adophus College:  In today’s competitive job market, the importance of obtaining and successfully completing a summer internship has grown for college students as they look to enhance their resume in order to entice future employers. Gustavus students are stationed all over the world this summer completing a variety of diverse and prominent internships. One of the leading academic departments on campus when it comes to summer research and internships is the Physics Department. Here is a summary of what 15 physics majors are up tothis summer:
    • Jenna Legatt ’14 is interning this summer at the National Institute of Standards and Technologies in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Legatt is working in the Physical Measurement Lab at this large federal research lab for the sciences. “My project involves set-up of a device called a spatial light modulator (SLM),” Legatt said. “My job is to work with my advisor to prepare the optics and software to get this tool working. One application in my specific project is to create a striped or grid pattern with the SLM, project it onto an object, and analyze the pattern’s deformalities to reconstruct the object in 3D.”
    • Laura Dahl ’13 is spending the summer working at Bosch Security Systems, Inc., as a Loudspeaker Engineering Intern in the Pro Sound Division. Dahl is working alongside loudspeaker engineers to create, design, and test Electro-Voice loudspeakers. “My main project consists of working in MATLAB to try to optimize line array elements for different event venues including Target Center and several outdoor stadiums,” Dahl said.
  • Arkansas Tech University:  Nine Arkansas Tech University students are spread out across the country learning more about the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through a variety of internship opportunities this summer. The internships were arranged through the efforts of Dr. Mostafa Hemmati, professor of physics and director of the Arkansas Tech Office of Undergraduate Research; and Dr. Patricia Buford, associate professor of electrical engineering and head of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Obtaining internship opportunities for students with organizations such as NASA and the National Science Foundation is one aspect of Arkansas Tech’s commitment to STEM education. In 2011, Gov. Mike Beebe outlined the importance of the STEM fields to Arkansas’ economic development. “The STEM fields offer stable, well-paying careers for the 21st century, and the demand continues to grow at a rapid pace,” said Gov. Beebe in a news release from his office on Aug. 17, 2011. “These are positions that companies are struggling to fill, even in tough economic times. If we are to continue to attract these types of companies to Arkansas, we must prepare our young people with high-tech skills and build a workforce that will help our state prosper.”

Double-dipping for internships

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Coach Susan Sandberg

Susan Sandberg

During this hot summer with its relentless heat waves, you may think of double-dipping in terms of large ice cream cones. But The New York Times identified a new meaning for double-dipping—taking multiple internships at one time.  In its recent Education supplement, writer Cecilia Capuzzi Simon explored the question of how many internships should a student undertake.  Here are what some of your colleagues at other colleges and career insiders in the industry are thinking:

  • Columbia College in Chicago:  The goal of any intern should be to “make yourself shine” and absorb as much as possible about the field, says Jennifer Halperin, internship coordinator at Columbia. Students are idealistic and professionally naïve, and may think doubled up is doable, she says. But a student who is worried about rushing off to the next internship, or who is behind on class assignments because of a demanding schedule, can’t be the person a supervisor “turns to in a pinch” or trusts with additional responsibility. “You end up impressing nobody,” she says.
  • Pace University:  “We wouldn’t approve two,” says Maxine Sugarman, director of career services at Pace. “Students should be going to class.”
  • CM Communications:  “The more you can learn, the better,” says Meghan Fitzgerald, an account executive at the Boston public relations firm, who recently hired an intern who was doing two at once (but only after the student cleared it with her). Still, she says, a long list of internships, especially from different fields, can suggest that an applicant is professionally adrift, or indiscriminately taking on internships to appear impressive.
  • Lauren Berger:  Known as the self-titled “Intern Queen” who completed 15 internships, Lauren now feels that 15 is “ridiculous.”  She says, “It’s not a matter of how many internships, but the quality.” She believes students can obtain what they need—professional direction, first-hand knowledge of their field and solid references—in two workplace forays over the course of a college career.
  • Conde Nast Publications:  Double-dipping is not allowed at this company. “It’s important to focus, and part of the benefit is building relationships,” says Jacqueline Ladner, associate photo editor for Teen Vogue, who hires four interns a semester (from some 200 applicants)  in her department alone. “We take internships very seriously.”

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