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This blog is written by a variety of career professionals who will share insights for employers, educators and students – as it relates to finding, employing and maximizing a great internship program.

Joyce Domijan

Growing up, I was always at the head of my class – not because I was the best student, rather because they always lined us up by height and I was the most petite!  Yearning to break away from that spotlight, I headed to one of the largest universities in the country (The Ohio State University), figuring there was bound to be someone shorter than me there. I was right and I made tons of friends (from 4’9” to 6’8”) and met my husband, a budding chef. I graduated and later went on to graduate work in Counseling and Education.

My ‘real’ career started in the financial services industry where I held a variety of diverse positions such as Director of Brokerage Operations, HR Director, VP of Underwriting and VP of Operations. When I had my fill of the corporate environment, I spent some time in HR Consulting and then went to a career counselor to assist in locating my next great career adventure. I LOVED the process of career development and never looked back.  I initially worked as a career counselor and later collaborated in the building of a successful career development firm that provides services to colleges and universities.

In my spare time I enjoy attending arts festivals wherever I can find them. I have such an appreciation for the arts, though no real abilities (perhaps that’s why I appreciate those who do!).  I also spend time on the golf course with my husband and lots of time with my faithful companion, Harry. He’s a Labrador retriever with a quick wit and a loud, demanding bark (‘throw it again’).

Christa Juenger

I am a fun-loving and easy-to-get-along with (totally my own opinion here!) career coach who loves helping students and professionals achieve their career goals. My path to career coaching started as a library assistant in college (at THE Ohio State University – Go Buckeyes!) where I learned valuable research and customer services skills. Coupled with an M.A. in counseling and some stints in executive recruiting and corporate career development training, I feel that I’ve found my fit in the career development world.

While I like to think I’m an expert in all areas of career coaching, my true passion and expertise lies in networking (especially the use of social media for networking), search strategy, resume critiques and strategies for staying organized and motivated during the search.

My 2011 goals are to spend more time doing the things – outside of career coaching – that I love, including:

  • reading the books and magazines that are stacked all around the house.
  • photography – watch out – I’ve always got a camera with me!
  • spending more <fun> family time with my husband and 3 kids…and our dog, cat, turtle and 2 fish.

Words that I live by –

It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.  ~ E.E. Cummings

There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in. ~ Leonard Cohen

Jyl McLaughlin

I realized I wanted to be a career counselor while pursuing my Master in Counseling.   I started my first position advising young professionals JUST as the internet and online job postings were born.  In fact, I trained to be part Web Master and to maintain job postings using HTML.   The combination of internet and career coaching had begun!

I soon realized that these young professionals I met were unhappy after a few years out of college because they didn’t have the tools, resources and even better, self understanding, to make a clear career choice before graduating.  So I went into college career services and began implementing my true passion-helping college students (and young professionals) identify career paths.

I feel confident relating to students but I am also a stickler on resumes, networking and YOU doing the work-not me.  After all, your sports coach can’t throw the ball or run the field for you during a game and neither can I.  I am also very interested in diverse issues, which help me keep up to date on international student hiring, Federal Government employment processes, as well as overall industry and company knowledge.

More about me?  I love to travel and cook.  I have taken on a new hobby-TENNIS. My team won State Champs our first year playing!  That was fun.  I am also the mom of 2 children and wife of an attorney. There is always  lots of negotiating going on in my house!  I like to keep the peace and help organize our plans.  When I am not working, playing tennis, hanging out with the kids –  refereeing their arguments- I always have plans to paint and redecorate a new room.  What do you think never gets done?!

Jennie Prince

After over 15 years of career coaching, resume writing, gap analysis, training and public speaking – I know I haven’t “arrived”, but I have found a passion for motivating others to find their way.  I particularly enjoy individual communication and how it affects interviews, networking and resumes!  So, if I had to pick, I’d say that Marketing and Selling “YOU” as a product is where I excel!  While my background includes working with experienced professionals in Outplacement and Executive Development, I am most at home with students.

I currently travel the states visiting schools and students to help them capture a vision for their future and am actually an “expert” traveler at many US airports!

Favorite Activities:

  • Being born, raised and educated in Ohio, I am a Buckeye through and through!  You can find me at any local sporting event or in my front row seat (my living room) whenever a game is on!
  • Spending time with my two children (who do not appreciate my career related advice) and husband.
  • Anything on the Water.  Bring on the boats, swim suits, SCUBA gear and sun tan lotion!

Dr. Susan Sandberg

I love working with educators because I was one for 20 years. As a communications and literature professor at Duquesne University and the University of North Carolina system, I enjoyed my colleagues. And now I get to network with hundreds of educators online. Like many educators, I feel the real success in teaching came when I helped my students land great internships that grew into meaningful careers.

I’ve had myriad careers, too. I’ve owned an art gallery and a bookstore on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and was a communications consultant for diverse Pittsburgh businesses. My undergraduate days were spent at Syracuse University and my master and doctoral degrees were from Duquesne University.

My interests?  Gourmet cooking, novel writing, and beach walking

Favorite quote?  “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” – Mark Van Doren

Stacie Stormer

Having grown up in a family of educators, I can’t help but be involved in the human development field. As a career counselor, I feel honored to be part of my students’ process of making career life decisions and the adventure of landing that job that fits.

As I like to say, the professional is personal (and vice versa) and that has particular meaning for me as I got into the field of career development as a result of going through the career counseling process as a client. Once I made this career decision, I obtained a Master of Arts degree in counseling from The Ohio State University. Prior to choosing this wonderful field, I spent time in the investment banking and consulting industries.

When I am not helping people with their careers, you will probably find me spending time with my family and friends, exercising, trying out a new recipe, working on never-ending home renovations or planning a vacation.

My favorite quote: Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. – Rabbi H. Schachfel

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