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Ever feel overwhelmed with choices?  Whether it’s in the cereal aisle in the grocery store, the War and Peace-length menus at restaurants, or the seemingly infinite cable TV stations, there is never a shortage of options. Luckily, the makers of Dice for Change recognize that more options isn’t always better.  They’ve created a wonderfully simple way to decide what step you’ll take to be healthier, kinder, or more environmentally aware each day.  While these “Dice for Change” aren’t available in stores yet, they are great reminders of how focusing on just one thing each day can be much more effective than getting bogged down in all of the options.  No word on whether they’ll have a “Cereal Aisle” version in the future, though.

Firms Assess Young Interns’ Potential

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As companies are starting to rely more heavily on their interns to make full-time hires, some are targeting and tracking students as early as freshman year. These days, undergraduates are exposed to corporate presentations and meet-and-greets within weeks of arriving on campus.

The shift to intern-to-hire recruiting hasn’t been lost on would-be college students, particularly as the recession has lingered. Career Center Offices have seen a recent rise in prospective students and their parents inquiring about which firms recruit and hire interns. Katie Kennealy, associate director of the career center at Illinois, says she has seen a 15% increase in such inquiries in the past year.”Most freshman don’t know where anything is on campus, says David McMahon, associate director of experiential education at Texas A&M, “but they’ve figured out they need a good résumé, and they need to get to a career fair” early on.

According to Monica Wilson, acting co-director of career services at Dartmouth College. “Internship recruiting will largely replace entry-level recruiting in the next few years.” Are you seeing a significant increase in students inquiring about internship opportunities on your campus? Email us at educatorcare@internships.com and put your feedback in the mix.

Guest blogging opportunites – Write about your summer internship!

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On this blog forum, you’re invited to share your expertise. We welcome your blog submissions. Submit your thoughts and experiences in supporting students finding and preparing for internships. Share your new or innovative ideas, plus proven techniques and strategies for success.

Right now we are accepting submissions that answer this question:
How are you preparing students differently this year for summer internships? Please include information that answers the following questions:
(1) What information and training is needed this year more than in past years?
(2) What new or innovative approaches have you utilized?
(3) When do you recommend students begin searching for summer internships?
(4) If students get a late start, what is the single best thing to do to catch up with the pack?

To have your blog submission considered for publishing, please send your submission to blog@internships.com.

Please include with your submission, your full name, title, school and the URL to your career center website page or school website plus your brief bio. Each published blog will include author name and link to read your bio which will include a website link to your school.

Blog submissions should be a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 600 words.

Any blog submissions published will be promoted via social media and may be featured in the monthly internships.com newsletter. If you’d like to get the newsletter, sign up for an account on internships.com, by clicking here.

The twitter account which promotes the published blog submissions is:
Twitter.com/hirededucation. If you use twitter, follow us and get all the latest updates from this blog and other items of interest.

About internships: it’s all about the employer this summer

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by Colleen Sabatino

As career counselors, we always have our students’ best interest in mind. We work on behalf of the student first and support employers only as a means for getting our students connected to them. That is why this blog post is a tough reality check that we need to get clear on. This week’s blog is about an important message that we need to send to all students seeking a summer internship. The message?

“This summer, it is about the employer not the student.”

In the past year, the role of the intern has shifted dramatically. The employer mindset has gone from viewing the internship as a form of corporate community service to a method for accessing free labor. In a thriving economy, employers want to invest in the future workforce by providing opportunities for young emerging professionals to learn about their industry and professions. However, when times get tough, employers want to simply stay alive long enough to get through the recession.

As an intern, your student needs to adjust to this new mindset and approach internships differently than in the past. Instead of approaching their summer internship as an opportunity to learn about a profession or industry, they will need focus on pursuing an internship that helps them contribute their skills in a way that generates value and substance for the employer. As a result of that contribution, they will no doubt learn about the profession and industry but the goal should be contributing not learning. Employers in this tough economy are trying to make their dollars go farther and their people produce more. Internships help them accomplish both. A student that is committed to helping them get more for their money and do more with less is the one who gets the offer. The one who is looking to learn about the profession or industry will be sitting at home. It won’t matter how smart or good they might be, this summer, the winners will be the ones who recognize the needs of employers and embrace them. It is our responsibility as career counselors to help them shift their mindset and prepare appropriately for interviews. 

So what does this mean for your students? Well for starters, we can coach them on what to say when asked in an interview, “Why do you want this internship?” We can help them understand that the focus needs to on what they can do for the employer. Do not talk about how this is a great opportunity for them to learn about the industry and profession. While that might also be true, it is not the most important reason to highlight in the interview. What’s important to the employer is their ability to take initiative and produce quality work as a member of their team.

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