Firms Assess Young Interns’ Potential

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As companies are starting to rely more heavily on their interns to make full-time hires, some are targeting and tracking students as early as freshman year. These days, undergraduates are exposed to corporate presentations and meet-and-greets within weeks of arriving on campus.

The shift to intern-to-hire recruiting hasn’t been lost on would-be college students, particularly as the recession has lingered. Career Center Offices have seen a recent rise in prospective students and their parents inquiring about which firms recruit and hire interns. Katie Kennealy, associate director of the career center at Illinois, says she has seen a 15% increase in such inquiries in the past year.”Most freshman don’t know where anything is on campus, says David McMahon, associate director of experiential education at Texas A&M, “but they’ve figured out they need a good résumé, and they need to get to a career fair” early on.

According to Monica Wilson, acting co-director of career services at Dartmouth College. “Internship recruiting will largely replace entry-level recruiting in the next few years.” Are you seeing a significant increase in students inquiring about internship opportunities on your campus? Email us at and put your feedback in the mix.

Own the internship process

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by Beverly T. Lorig

Q: Which student gets the great internship in this competitive market?  

Choose one — The student with:

    A) Highest GPA
    B) Study Abroad
    C) Family connections
    D) Technical Major
    E) Determined Persistence

A: Without a doubt, it is E) Determined Persistence. Couple that with a well prepared resume/cover letter/application and it’s sure success. 

I spoke with a CEO this past week, and she emphasized that the student “must own the process”  with a determined and well-organized internship plan-of-action.  Many students turn their internship search over to the multiple mega job boards.  After submitting the tens or hundreds of resumes, the student believes he/she is done.  Next step?  Sit and wait.  And wait and wait.

So, in this day of keen competition and limited opportunities, challenge your students to get active. Define the prospect pool.  Develop a list of connections and networks that enhance the application. Write and telephone and meet with the contacts with the goal of gaining knowledge and advice.  Write an informed cover letter and resume focused on outcomes.  Follow-up with the internship coordinator and ask for an interview.

Bottom line:  Own the Process. 

Consider your own business or career center.  I don’t know about you but I find the very best candidates are the ones who are HUNGRY to work with me in the Washington and Lee Career Services program.  In my book, the candidate who actively pursues the position ultimately wins!

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